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For too long we have optimized our food only in terms of taste. We have lost sight of their main purpose: to provide the nutrients our body needs. We have made food so attractive that we consume it in excess and even become addicted. We have to find a way to avoid hunger and control our food intake so that we are provided with all the essential nutrients.

“In fact, the number one reason for obesity in North America is simple: over consumption. And we over consume because we’re hungry.”

Brenda Brazier

The world eats too much

The current Global Burden of Disease Study warns of a worldwide increase in chronic diseases caused by overweight – such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. In the meantime, hunger and malnutrition are no longer the most common preventable causes of illness and death worldwide, but unhealthy nutrition and overweight.

The eating habits of the world population have changed dramatically since 1990. It is true that there are still crisis regions where there is too little to eat and where children die of malnutrition. In most countries, however, the lack has given way to an abundance of unhealthy and high-calorie food. Even in low and middle-income countries, people are increasingly eating fattening oversized food and easy-to-drink convenience sweet drinks. Healthy wholefood, on the other hand, is in short supply on the plates.


Old instincts and habits

Hunger was an important impetus in the hunter-gatherer era to gather plant food and hunt animal food. Only in this way could humans ensure the survival of their clan. This basic instinct is still in our genes. Times have changed, however: In the past, people had to survive on relatively little food and were even forced to fast. Today, we live in a society of abundance. Nevertheless, we still tend to build up stocks and prefer to eat more than less – just in case bad times come around.

Habit also plays a role: in the morning, at noon and in the evening a proper meal must be served. Whether we really need this amount of food energy is not questioned. Even the habit of eating out of our plates has been trained on us over the years with questionable arguments – from children suffering from hunger elsewhere in the world to bad weather if we don’t eat up. These statements have become so entrenched in our unconscious that we find it difficult to shake them off.


Calorie is not equal to calorie.

Most people are aware that overeating leads to weight gain and health problems. Try to eat a healthier diet, but in the first instance change portion sizes or try to meet daily calorie targets. The influence of the quality of your diet on your health is unfortunately often neglected. Because if you pay attention to high-quality and nutritious food, your appetite will be easier to regulate, you will feel more energetic and healthy again and you will become slimmer even without a diet. We want to make it easier for people to eat individually, naturally and health-consciously.

Our solution:

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