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tasty proteins

The market for protein shakes and protein bars is booming. Although proteins perform numerous functions in the human body, they are mainly used for muscle building and weight reduction. But even beyond that, proteins are real all-rounders. They serve as building material for muscles, connective tissue and cells, strengthen the immune system, ensure a balanced hormone balance and help regeneration after exercise. They also satiate for longer than other nutrients, promote fat burning and protect against ravenous appetite. Unfortunately, the available protein products are anything but a taste sensation. In addition to isolated proteins, they contain artificial vitamins, minerals and – since isolated proteins do not have a significant intrinsic taste of their own – they also contain plenty of artificial flavours and additives.

“Working out is my partying, protein shakes are my beer, preworkouts are my shots, the pump is my buzz, the pain next morning is my hangover. “

Jonathan Carroll

Are protein products useful?

Our musculature consists of protein – and if you want to build muscles, you need protein. The European Food Safety Authority has approved several health claims for proteins. According to this, suppliers of foods with a high protein content may advertise that proteins or protein products contribute “to an increase in muscle mass”, “to the maintenance of muscle mass” and “to the maintenance of normal bones”. Protein-rich food can therefore be useful in principle, but is no guarantee of a muscular dream body. You still can’t have one without hard training.


How important is convenience?

Since the human body does not have a real protein store, it relies on the protein in the muscles, among other things, in the event of an acute lack of energy. This also means that it is not possible to eat protein in advance. Furthermore, studies have shown that it can be beneficial for building and maintaining muscle mass to supply the body with protein immediately before and/or after training. Protein powders and bars are used to avoid having to cover the increased protein requirement caused by training with excessive amounts of meat. Convenience is therefore a major part of the success of protein shakes and bars.


And what about taste?

Of course, the protein products available today should not meet any high culinary standards. Then ingredients from the laboratory would also be out of place, such as isolates and concentrates, flavours and various additives. After all, protein shakes and bars are all about effect – and there is simply nothing better. Is there? The world is looking for tasty proteins!

Our solution:

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